Self Esteem Courses for Young People and Women the heart of our concern

We know that sometimes life can seem like a maze, that's why we help people find the right path in life

All people have the right to be safe, happy and live their lives to its full potential. They all deserve to achieve emotional and economical well-being, no matter what’s their background.
Mapis Project CIC is dedicated to help as many of Young People and Women as possible. We are able to offer training, guidance and support throughout their journey. Our aim is to keep young people off the streets, working on their life skills, self-discipline and teamwork abilities.

Mapis Project CIC works with Young People aged 13-25 and Women from disadvantaged areas - unemployed, underachieving in education, in and out of care, ex-offenders, disabled, carers, domestic violence victims, ethnic minorities and women with self-harming issues, mental problems or eating disorders.

With our Fashion, Hair & Beauty Courses we have already helped many Women and Young People. Offering Design Course, Arts Course and  Business & Employment Course Mapis Project CIC is giving opportunities to wider range of  people with different needs. We are not a typical classroom. It is all about fun, making friends and learning practical skills in an area of interest.

We are able to run courses after school as a once-a- week club, over half-terms or in the holidays. If you would prefer other options, we will endeavour to accommodate this. Our Tutors hold enhanced DBS checks and are experienced specialists in their fields, trained in mentoring young people. We all have passion for working with Young People and Women to help them build  self-respect and communication skills.

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We’re all destined for greatness that’s certain.
It’s our time to shine so raise the curtain.
Show the world what we’ve got.
Express our talent, we have a lot.
Being ourselves sets us apart.
It makes people see our talent, our beauty, our art.
Confidence is beauty or so they say.
We each have our moments, our times or a day.
To show the world that we’re not afraid.
To be ourselves the way god made.
We’re all unique in our own delicate skins.
But none of us are the same, not even twins.
So move your hair, uncover those beautiful eyes.
And remember when it comes to books what counts is what’s inside.
Now take from this some good advice.
Never judge others, or speak before you think twice.


This poem was written by one of our students, Jessamine Sandra Chantell Fincham, who beautifully captured the spirit of our Courses.