Programmes for Women


Mapis Project CIC is working with Women who face some type of social exclusion - domestic violence victims, young mothers, women with criminal past or mental problems.

We understand the issues affecting women from disadvantaged communities or with background problems like offending or domestic abuse. Negative stereotypes presented in media can have profound effect on how women are treated by the public, which can lead to isolation, low self - eteem, lack of achievements and problems like eating disorders, self - harming or alcohol abuse.

During our unique and  very succesful programmes we support women to help them change their circumstances, build confidence and self - respect and achieve emotional and economical well - being.

Through our courses, follow - up mentoring and positive motivation we achieve both short and long term outcomes - getting women into education or employment, helping to leave the past behind and start new, improved life.

Our main trainer Maggie was a victim of domestic violence, and grew up in family affected by alcohol abuse, then fought with serious illness. She learned how much strength is needed in order to believe in yourself, move away from the past and create new life from scratch. Maggie is trained in Working with  Adults at Risk, Safeguarding  Adults at Risk , Domestic Abuse and Mental First Aid.

We offer the same range of courses as for Young People, adapted to suit the Women.

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If you are interested in creating a unique programme, designed to meet your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us.