About Us

Mapis Project CIC
is based on our commercial experience in fashion & beauty management and training to help  Adults at Risk
and Young People from disadvantaged areas. 


Mapis Project CIC is aimed at people facing transition point in their lives - Young People from mainstream and disadvantaged areas (unemployed, underachievers in education, in and out of care, disabled, ex-offenders, people from ethnic minorities, domestic violence victims or any people with low self-esteem) and  Adults at Risk. Our goal is to help as many of these people, who otherwise would not have that chance. Through fashion, beauty, design and arts Mapis is helping them to raise confidence, gain communication skills and to believe in their abilities. These wonderful people are full of talents and good qualities, but have no opportunity to develop. Our aim is to help them go through a difficult period in their lives, and make transition to face a better future, in which Young People and vulnerable adults themselves contribute to the success. Our programmes are set up to achieve "Every Child Matters" outcomes - being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and achieving economic well-being.  

"What is Mapis?  A place anyone can turn to. A company and lesson that increases general knowledge, confidence and skills. A family that everyone can be a part of." written by Aidan Prentice, Danielle Atkinson, Johnny McGregor and Jordan McCabe, our students                                     


Mapis team is DBS & CRB checked and they are specialists in their fields. Maggie and Peter are the brain of all programmes, and we  have a team of experienced professionals : Myiesha, Paige and Sylwia - Beauty & Hair Tutors, Dijana and Yarek - Photography Tutors, Charlotte - Arts Tutor 





Maggie with Nicky Hambleton-Jones, Eddie Jordan, Sir John Madejski, Mike Tyson and Rachel Wyse (with Maggie's team of models at Cheltenham Festival). Maggie and Peter from Mapis Project with Boris Johnson


Mapis is certified to provide Learning Opportunities and Extended Services. We deliver accredited qualifications in Arts, Communication and Leadership skills together with Work Progression qualifications. Mapis Project was awarded SQP Award.


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