Mapis is providing accredited qualifications in creativity, teamwork and communication skills

“Thank you so much for everything... On the first day I came to your class I was too shy to do anything, but when I got there you were so encouraging and kind that I just gave it a go!!! You gave me the confidence to do things that I wouldn't normally do. Thank you so much!! :)

 “The whole week was great and everyone including staff, benefited massively. Fantastic for self-esteem and confidence. The change in the young people was very good, instead of hiding, they walked tall and proud” 

“It was brilliant working with you, thank you so much for giving all of us an amazing insight into the fashion and design world!”



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Mapis Project CIC is a Community Interest Company (Social Enterprise). We work with  Adults at Risk and Young People from targeted groups to increase their confidence and employability:

- NEET (not in employment, education or training)
- underachieving in education/excluded from school
- in and out of care
- ex-offenders
- people who have disabilities
- carers
- domestic violence victims
- lone/young parents
- ethnic minorities
- people with mental health issues, eating disorders and self-harm history
- people with low self-esteem

Our programmes also include follow-up mentoring services.
We work closely with statutory services (colleges & schools) to offer young people and women access to further education and monitored career guidance which increases employability.

 Our programmes are funded by:


Mapis is certified to provide Learning Opportunities and Extended Services

“We worked with unemployed people in Mid Sussex to raise their confidence. During the course each participant blossomed and by the end of the programme they had so much more confidence. The feedback was excellent and they wouldn't hesitate to recommend the course to their friends. I look forward to working with Maggie and Peter again.”

“I LOVED the whole Course! The content was fitting and very helpful to me, especially skin and nail care and catwalk, posture training because I used to always slouch and now I walk with my head high. You have helped to change my life for better."

“A million “thank yous” for the advice, coaching + fun of this week! I'm incredibly sad that it's all over but hopefully should be seeing more of you when my career kicks off!”